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This was a very helpful post. I especially like when you said “This is one of the most important things that you leave college with. I mean, you can know a lot, but if you can’t take the appropriate steps to get yourself a job, then your degree, your college education, has no use.”

We must learn how to effectively present ourselves in order to get jobs. And I believe the links and the advice you gave will benefit us all as students seek jobs after graduation. I really like the link you gave to the blog too. Good stuff there. Thanks!

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Post Commented on: Robbee G’s Twitter story

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Great post! Yeah, I was totally with you when I first started using twitter too. I don’t care about what everyone is doing every moment of the day. But soon did I learn too that twitter is more than that.

 I agree that twitter will be both beneficial for socializing and professional networking, especially since it is such a fast and easy way to communicate.

 I especially like being connected to important business and such and not just friends. I’ll admit, I feel less guilty using twitter as opposed to facebook because my time spent on twitter seems a lot more valuable because I am keeping up with current trends and news updates.

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This is really useful information Juliet. Since we started using twitter during the first week of class, I always feel like there is more and more to learn about twitter. Retweeting is significant in the twitter community because it builds an on going conversation in the simplicity of twitter. And what is even more important is boasting people’s ego, which encourages them to tweet even more. It makes people feel good that there work is being given the credit. So these little facts help those tweeters learn how to have retweet-worthy tweets.

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I agree with the other comments on this post. It is interesting to consider the true intention of the prototype. I remember discussing a situation similar to this one day in class. I feel like apple, being the bid corporation it is, would have employees that would not be so carless with information such as this. Why would they even bring this type of information to a bar? Curiosity holds great power to the human mind. Even when as infants, we have a curious mind. I believe that advertiser know this and take advantage of it. It may be that apple “accidently” left these notes at the bar to drive the curious human mind into researching more on this product.

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Firstly, I love how you decided to write about something that was still related to the assignment but twisted it to something you’re passionate about. This was an interesting post to read. It’s interesting to think about all the different fields’ public relations impacts. I really enjoy reading about creative outlets in all aspects of businesses. I believe this show is really creative in it’s approach to get their business known. It’s interesting to watch how it functions. Thanks for sharing about this.

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I really enjoyed reading about what you have learned from this class. I agree that I have learned several if even all of the same things. Public Relations is a complex industry and there is a lot to know about. I agree about the resume thing, it’s pretty shocking to know that employers simply look at your resume in a matter of a few seconds. It’s important to stay current with the industry and stand out. Staying current does include staying up to date with recent social networking techniques as those we have learned from using twitter.

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I love learning about new technology and how well they do. Many of my friends have flip cameras and it is amazing how such great quality it has. Money of them make short films from them which I thought was dumb at first but the quality of the work is quite impressive.

I remember reading that you do film or broadcast or something? Maybe I am wrong. But if you are big on some form of recording…do you think you would do any kind of filming with this camera?

I am always interested in other’s perspectives on cameras. I do photography and even though it is not necessarily the same, I like seeing the connection between both.

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