Week #2: Mainstream Media

Mainstream media is essential to keep up with not only for those studying in the field of Journalism or Public relations, but for everyone one way or the other. Technology is rapidly growing and evolving and with that comes the vast expansion in constant communication. Through twitter or blogs, the online presence of mainstream media helps the public stay informed on what is going on second by second.

One mainstream media blog that I have been looking at recently is one by NPR. What I learned was that NPR has diverse and unique online presence. There blog covers a wide-range of topics covering news, opinion, arts & life, music, programs, and an about NPR section for those wishing to know more about NPR.

College students can significantly benefit from not reading just this blog, but any mainstream media blog. I find it difficult for myself to simply sit down and watch the news or pick up a newspaper and catch up on the daily news. But mainstream media being available on blogs makes it easier for me to be aware about what is going on in the world in a bit more convienent setting.

Regardless of the conceive of mainstream media blogs, it is simply important for people to be aware of what is going on in the world. Mainstream media blogs is an effective news platform in that it opens up avenues for an endless supplement of information. This allows for people to be linked to a wide range of information. Therefore, news platforms such as this blog provides

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  1. This was great in so many ways. It explained what media blogs are, why they are helpful, and provided practical ways to use them! Newspapers and news shows are really, like you said, for the past generation and we don’t want to take the time for that. I liked the way you presented everything in a certain order and it was very easy to read 🙂


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