Online Writing: a new world of possibilities

Writing online opens a new world of possibilities for the journalists inside all of us. So take advantage of the extra freedom of online writing and follow some of these “do’s” and “don’t’s” when it comes to blogging:

Do: provide lots of links. It’s important to back up the information you claim in your writing and writing for online media provides opportunities to put links in your post that will directly connect your readers to a multitude of information that will also bring validity to your own writing.

Don’t: write in long paragraphs. If there is anyway to lose the attention of the reader is by writing lengthy paragraphs for no specific purpose. Break up paragraphs …even consider ways to add various list to your post. It’s about being concise yet inviting in your writing. You want your readers to find it easy to read your post from beginning to end.

Do: provide lots and lots of visual! I’m talking videos, pictures etc. With online readings, it’s about finiding the balance of a compelling article and visual aid to assist with that. The internet is a valuable source. Try looking up a video on YouTube next time you write your next blog post!

Don’t: regurgitate information. It’s important to research the topics you look up  but writing for online media isn’t the same as writing a research paper. Be sure to know enough about what you’re writing on but also apply it to yourself. Be personal in your writing! Readers will appreciate your honesty and find it a whole lot easier to read your blog.

Do: write often! It’s okay to have too much to say. A lot of information is better than no information at all. It will also help you become more comfortable writing for an online reading if you keep up with it daily.

Don’t: criticize others. It’s okay to give honest feedback and criticism but if it serves no purpose if it doesn’t advance what your saying in anyway. Leave the drama in high school not on your blog.

Do: give credit where credit where credit is do. If you take from other blogs or other resources be sure to credit them in your writing. You would want the same done for you!

Don’t: blog about yesterdays news. It’s important to stay up-to-date with what’s current in the news and reflect that in your writing. Readers will get bored quickly if what you’re writing isn’t relevant to them!

Do: have fun! Enjoy what you write. Pick topics that interest you to blog about. Your readers and yourself will enjoy your reading a whole lot more when you just let loose.

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  1. This was great! I loved the “do/don’t” flow of the post and it made it very easy to follow. The tips were really great, especially about writing often, giving credit where credit it due, and not repeating information. The tips are simple, yet good to remember for when I create my next post!

  2. Great post Annalee! Everything that you mentioned is so on target. I especially liked how you mentioned that online writing is not like writing a research paper. It is so important to be personal in some way, or people will not enjoy reading your stuff! Also, writing in small paragraphs is key, because people get bored or turned away if they click on something that looks like a lot of reading. Make it look inviting and people will read!

  3. I couldn’t agree more, especially with the ‘don’t criticize others’ advice, because I feel like people are always using the internet to bad mouth others…Good post!

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