We Have a Guest!

I think it’s important to have guest bloggers on your blog every once and awhile. It expands your own writing and allows variety for those who read your blog.

This week’s Guest Blogger is Naida Lindberg. I really enjoyed her post about advice for Freshman students at SEU. Check out more from her blog Lets Talk Public Relations:

TOW 1 My Dearest First Year Students

Hello there,

At this point you are probably wondering where the survival guide to college is at. Unfortunately, it is not found in the over 60 page handbook on MYSEU. You will start to realize that the laundry fairy does not exist and that smell in your room is from the week old pair of socks that you forgot to pick up off the floor. You have taken your first step into adulthood and the truth is, its probably not what you pictured it being like. I would like to say it gets easier (for the record it does) but you, as a new student, have to make the most of your time at Southeastern University. People are not going to sign you up for clubs that grow you, you have to put yourself out there as nerve wracking as that may seem. If I had to condense three things a new student at Southeastern should know I would say this:

1.Get involved. Like I said before no one is going to force you to go to Club Rush, and they certainly are not going to make you leave your dorm room. It is important on this road of discovery that you figure out what you are passionate about. Fear not, you do not have to have college dialed in, in your first week but its important to test the waters and see what strengths Christ has given you. Your job is to be a good steward of those things.

2.Find and reside in your closet. Now I know I just said to leave your room and get involved but in order to grow you must find time to meet with God. Chapel is not the only place where the presence of God resides. If growing in God is dependent on what chapel service you go to, you may be in trouble. You have to discover who God is to you specifically, you cannot simply rely on who others say He is. Facetime is essential, and I do not mean the iphone app I mean spending time on your face in prayer everyday. I promise you will see a difference in your life.

3.Look at class as a spiritual experience. I know we grew tired of homework and class when we left high school but the best leaders are learners. I cannot speak for other universities but I firmly believe that the faculty on this campus care for you. They spend time in prayer and preparation for each class that you are taking. Pay attention to the men and women who spend that time so that you might grow. I have had days where I have left class almost in tears. These moments were not derived from a message and singing worship songs, they were brought forth because I sat in front of a professor who was passionate about the love of Christ. Worship is not simply singing songs but opening our ears to what the Lord is trying to communicate through our professors, to us.

I hope I have left you not with a sense of panic but rather an encouragement that these days you spend here are ones that you will never forget. This is not only a place where we read books, go to chapel, and put on events but rather it is a place of preparation; We are preparing for the lives that God has for us. It starts here, it starts now.

Grace & Peace

A picture taken my freshman year

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