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Live blogging is an interesting way to involve your audience. It is especially helpful during larger events that a large audience may be interested in. There are a number of sites that help host live blogging. The one I have enjoyed using is Storify.

I have mentioned Storify in a previous post. But after using it while live blogging Catalyst ’11, here are a few things I would like to reiterate as to why Storify will fulfill all your blogging needs:

As aspiring media professionals, one of our main objectives is to hone in on our communication skills. Technology has definitely served us well when it comes to effectively multiple demographics in minimal time.

So what’s one of the newest social platforms sweeping the internet by storm? The answer is storify!

Storify is a way to tell stories using social media such as Tweets, photos and videos. You search multiple social networks from one place, and then drag individual elements into your story. You can re-order the elements and also add text to give context to your readers.

Here are also five tips to help get you started on your own live blogging experience:

  1. Research in advance what the agenda for an event may be. It will help you be better prepared for engagement during certain parts of event so you won’t miss crucial information you might want to blog about.
  2. Make sure you have internet. One problem I encountered with my live blog is that I was unable to even receive 3g where I was at making it difficult to really incorporate the “live” aspect of my live blog because  I would have to wait til the end of the day to post about the conference.
  3. Make sure to balance out quotes and visual aids. Make your live blog fun for your reader. Include lots of pictures and videos
  4. Recap even after the event is over, researching what others may have gathered overall from the event.
  5. Relax and enjoy the live blogging experience. Live blogging allows for a great space to get creative. So seize the opportunity and use sites such as Storify to assist you.

View the story “Catalyst 2011” on Storify

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  1. nclindberg

     /  November 18, 2011

    I love your take on Catalyst. It really was such an amazing experience to hear from such great leaders. I like that you posted video and pictures it really took the audience there with you. It is awesome to think that I was able to process through all of this information and nuggets or knowledge with my dear friend.


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