Grammar Girl & I Are On A First Name Basis

I was first introduced to Grammar Girl my freshman year of college during my first public relations class. I have now referenced Grammar Girl in a multitude of blogs and various writing assignments. She has become a helpful and resourceful friend of mine. Her website provides helpful post and podcasts to help enhance everyday writing.

I recently read up on a few of her more recent posts and stumbled upon probably one of the most helpful post yet: 10 Tips to Banish Typos.

What struck me about this posts is that it stresses not the downfalls of a specific gramatical problem but rather just carelessness in our writing. A lot of times our writing is poor simply due to the fact that we neglect to proofread and fix our typos.

Grammar Girl provided 10 helpful tips to avoid typos:

The best way to find typos is to have someone else read your work.

  1.  Have someone else read your work.
  2. When you’re writing on your computer, use the auto-correct feature.
  3. Run your work through your computer’s spell-checking tool.
  4. Print your work.
  5. Give yourself some time.
  6. Read your work aloud.
  7. Force yourself to read each word.
  8. Read your work backward.
  9. Separate proofreading tasks.
  10. Print your work in a different font with different margins

She also provides a link to this video for more tips regarding typos:

But in all honesty, how many of these tips will I truly follow through with even in this blog post? I want to perfect my writing daily. I do strive to produce the best in any area I perform in. However, the simple truth is we live in a generation where time is crucial and we want the best output with minimal input.

And it’s true that this is probably not the best mentality to have, and we ultimately choose to pursue a mediocre lifestyle when we lean more towards this work ethic. But I suppose I would also like to read a condense version of this post. Maybe a Top 10 Tips to Banish Typos: Crash Course Edition.

Other than that, I applaud you once again Grammar Girl. You are perfecting our generations writing skills one podcasts at a time.

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