Peer Blog Comments

1. Title of Blog Post: “Work What You Have: Finding New Perspective on the Usual” by Jillian Reid
BlogThrough My Eyes
Date: 2/9/12
Comment: “I loved the post and I loved that you wrote about something you’re passionate about! Your tips are really helpful. I really enjoy photography too, and I agree that perspective is what adds that extra element to your work! And I don’t know what you’re talking about … from what I can see, you’re an excellent photographer. Thanks for sharing your tips, as well as your own photography!”

2.Title of Blog Post: “Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus” by Daniel Barcello
Blog: Adventures in PR
Date: 2/9/12
Comment: “It’s crazy to see how fast this video has spread online! I am a huge fan os spoken words and of using field such as film to glorify God…especially when its done excelletnly like this. as Christians, we are to perform with excellence in all we do. That’s how God’s beauty turly shines through. All truth is God’s truth. It’s important to remember that we are representing Him in all we do! Thanks for this post! ”

3. Title of Blog Post: “Kisses from Katie” by Sera Menubans
Blog: Seravirgina
Date: 2/12/12
Comment: “I’ve never gotten around to read this book yet but I recently heard about this girl too! She spoke at Catalyst ’11 and I was brought to tears by her story. It’s so encouraging to hear about woman of God who are so selfless enough to give up their plans for God’s plans. Can you imagine being a mother of that many kids alone, that young and in a completely foreign environment? She is simply incredible. I wasn’t aware she had a blog, so thanks for sharing this! I am going to bookmark it now!”

4. Title of Blog Post: “Social Media” by Molly Dodd
Blog:Good Golly Miss Molly
Date: 2/16/12
Comment:”Thanks for sharing your post! And also thanks for all your work you do maintaing the school’s twitter and Facebook! I bet that is a huge load to carry but how fun you get to integrate what you’re learning into a job already! I also use the same social networks both for personal and professional means and I see the benefits and disadvantages of both. I had not heard of klout before so thanks for sharing!”

5.Blog Post: “DIY:Melted Crayon Art” by Liz Colburn
Blog: Randomly Ravishing 
Date: 2/16/12
Comment: “I love this project! I’ve seen it blow up ever since it first hit Pinterest! My friend Christine did a painting in chapel of this and someone bought it for $200! It’s definitely an eye-catching project from the colors to the originality. Pintrest seems to provide a lot of great ideas like this and more! Thanks for sharing this!”

6.Blog Post:”The Evolution of Public Relations” by Mylon Bunce
Blog: Trial & Error in PR 
Date: 2/22/12
Comment:”This is something I often struggle with: finding a definite definition for public relations. I feel like it’s such a broad spectrum of beliefs and I can understand how people not directly related to the field would see confusion as well. So for me, personally, I would say that I do not have a strong grasp on what public relations really means. But through my experience with PR, I’ve realized that the most important aspects are fully knowledgable about what you represent and adequately communicate that.”

7. Blog Post: “Social Bookmarking” by Beth Telg
Blog: Eliza Says 
Date: 4/05/12
Comment: “I actually haven’t heard much about social bookmarking so this is really helpful. What an easy and convenient way to stay not only organized with your blogs but connected. I love that others can read your post as well. I am going to have to explore realm of social bookmarking. I actually have Bloglovin’ opened in another tab right now.”

8. Blog Post: “Thank you, thank you!” by Molly Dodd
Blog: Good Golly Miss Molly
Date: 4/12/12
Comment: “I love thanking you notes…giving and receiving! I never actually thought about sending a thank you notes after an interview. However, that is such a great idea. What better way to make yourself stand out than through a simple act of kindness. These tips are really helpful as well.”

9. Blog Post: “Kony 2012” by Sera Menubans
Date: 4/12/12
Comment: “I can honestly say this is probably one of the best responses I’ve seen in regards to the “Kony 2012″ video. I like how you gave insight of the positives and negatives of the video, and related it to the effectiveness they used in regards to PR. I believe you summed up your response perfectly by saying “A lesson we can learn with Kony 2012 is to educate ourselves about issues, instead of believing everything we see.””

10. Blog Post: “One Big Night” by Jillian Reid
Blog: Through My Eyes
Date: 4/10/12
Comment: “So excited for this event. I think it’s going to be one of the best events of the year. And I agree this year has definitely been a year of first for the university, so what better way to end it then with a big celebration done like never before. You guys have done an incredible job planning and marketing this event. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.”

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