Is Twitter the Death of Writing?

Is the day of journaling dead? Do we depend more on twitter to chonicle our lives?

These are a few crucial questions Ben Stevens brings up in his article “Is Twitter the Death of Writing?

Overall, this article debates the necessity journaling has in our daily lives.


  1. Adds RAM to your brain
  2. Helps build emotional intelligence
  3. Makes prayer easier
  4. Let’s you see what God sees

Being a fellow journaler, I was intrigued with this article because I participate actively in both journaling and twitter. However, can one be substituted for the other? Are we so consumed in a culture of instant gratification that we’ve put simple journaling on the back-burner of our daily agenda? I firmly believe that

[journaling] is a discipline which has the capacity to help deepen you personally, intellectually and spiritually

But tell me what you think about this article!

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