There’s More to Poynter

I’ve used Poynter for the past two years now. Most of my experience from this website has come from the NewsU courses, which have coached me through effective journalism and public relation’s techniques. However, there courses are just a small portion to everything Poynter has to offer to media students and professionals.

Here is a brief overview of what Poynter has to offer:

Latest News

Under the “Latest News” tab, Poynter offers media industry news and commentary through “MediaWire,” the latest news about media through “Top Stories,” accuracy, errors and the craft of verification through “Regret the Error,” news about mobile and its applications for media through “Mobile Media,” news about social media that matters to journalism through “Social Media,” and media business news through “Business News.”

How To’s

Under the “How To’s” tab, Poynter offers tips for reporting and telling stories with traditional and new tools through “Newsgathering and Storytelling,” tips on managing a website, from measuring traffic to understanding new platforms for news and information through “Digital Strategies,” tips on leading people and organizations through “Leadership & Management,” and tips on crowdsourcing, user-generated content, managing comments and other ways of connecting with communities through “Community Engagement.”


Under the “Chats” tab, Poynter offers chats with Joe Grimm and other experts about managing your career through “Career Chats,” and chats bi-weekly with Roy Peter Clark about writing through “Writing Chats.”

As you can see, Poynter offers so much in just media news alone. Try exploring the Poynter website and experience something new today!

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