New PR Practitioners

When you start out in a new career as PR practitioner, it may be difficult to decide where your new career should begin at. PR department or PR firm? In order to weigh out the options, we must do just that: evaluate the pros and cons of both options.

Advantages for PR firm

  • objectivity : the firm can analyze the a clients needs or problems from a new perspective and other fresh insights
  • a variety of skills and expertise : the firm has specialists, whether in speech-writing, trade magazine placement, or helping with investor relations.
  • extensive resources : the firm has abundant media contacts and works regularly with numerous suppliers or products and services. It has research materials, including data info banks, and expertise in similar fields
  • international jobs
  • offices throughout country
  • special problem solving skills
  • credibility: a successful public relations firm has a solid reputation for professional, ethical work. If represented by such a firm, a client is likely to get more attention among leaders in mass media, government and the financial community.

Disadvantages for PR firm

  • superficial grasp of a clients unique problems :
  • lack of full-time commitment
  • need for prolonged briefing period
  • resentment for internal staff
  • need for strong direction by top management
  • need for full information and confidence
  • costs are expensive

Advantages for PR department

  • Same “client” all the time. Advantage: Get to know organization really well.
  • Less intense daily pressure; more emphasis on accomplishing longer-term results.
  • Less turnover.
  • More resources usually available.
  • Salaries are higher.
  • Benefits
  • More opportunities available.

Disadvantages for PR Department

  • Jobs more difficult to find without experience; duties more narrowly focused.
  • Sometimes little variety at entry-level.
  • Growth sometimes limited unless you are willing to switch employers.
  • Can be slower paced.
  • Heavy involvement with executive staff; see impact almost instantly.

In my opinion, I would say to start out in a PR firm. It is true that you would be making less money for all the hard work you’re putting in. But you will be honing in on your PR skills while continuing to make that resume glow.

{Reblogged from March 2010}

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