4 PR Uses for the iPad

So…how can the newest technology help you in PR? Here are 4 uses you may want to consider when integrating your iPad into the PR Professional field.

Help activating brands at local events. Does your brand have a presence at local sports, music or other events? Think about how a passable, larger device like the iPad could help. You could use them to sign up customers and potential customers to follow your brand on Facebook or Twitter. Or, what about showcasing your newest video or product demo on the fly? Since it’s a bit larger than an iPhone and smaller and more portable than a Macbook, ideas like these now become a reality.
A wonderful complement to your existing client presentation tools. You’re in the pitch meeting. You have the Powerpoint (or, maybe Prezi) deck up on the big screen. You’re walking through your key ideas. One idea involves an interactive web or social app you’re suggesting. Wouldn’t it be great to pass around an iPad that could demonstrate the power and usefulness of this app right in the meeting. Using the iPad, your prospects could literally touch and feel the app–instead of just watching it more passively up on the screen.

An instant guerrilla marketing tool. The iPad has instant potential on the guerrilla marketing front–not just for the novelty, but for the functionality. Think about it. Organizing a street performance on Nicollet Mall (sorry, had to go local for a second)? After the skit, why not have a few folks with iPads walking around asking folks if they’d be interested in signing up for our e-newsletter or following your brand on Facebook for more information? Again–it’s interactive and you could pass the iPad easily to the potential customer so they could sign up and interact all on their own.

Better mobile research and monitoring. At an on-site event all day without access to your laptop? Most of us have found ourselves in this precarious position at one time or another. And, as a result, we rely heavily on our smart phones. While mobile, you often need to be keeping an eye not only on mainstream media, but also social channels. Doesn’t the iPad make that work a little easier? For starters, with a much bigger screen, the iPad is easier to read, obviously. But, it’s also shareable–think about handing your client an iPad to monitor Tweetdeck or Hootsuite as their new product hits the streets. You’re not handing them your personal phone (less risk)–you’re handing them a company paid-for (maybe) device. Much easier, right?


Ethics in the Media

It is important to have a firm understanding of one’s ethics when working in media. Here’s a clip about incorporating ethics anywhere in the workplace.

The Interest with Pinterest

Pinterest has become the latest new platform for personal use! Users are able to engage with its digital boards and pin things that interest them.

But how are brands starting to get in on the interest as well?

Sakita Holley from PRDaily gives 11 real world examples of how brands can use Pinterest:

1. Shop It To Me

Business type: Online personal shopping portal/flash sale site.

Shop It To Me uses Pinterest to post curated-style inspiration from around the Web. It also has a board dedicated to its flash sales.

2. Klout

Business type: Measurer of online influence.

Klout uses Pinterest to post pictures of team/office events. It also has a board dedicated to Klout Perks. Klout Perks highlights the products and services that its members receive based on their digital influence.

3. Nordstrom

Business type: Fashion specialty retailer of clothing, shoes and accessories.

Nordstrom has a dedicated social team that curates its Pinterest boards. The boards showcase seasonal trends and different product categories. It also just started a board dedicated to its in-house spa and salon, as well as a board with photos from inside various stores.

4. Cabot Cheese

Business type: Farm family-owned cooperative located in Vermont that produces all natural, award-winning cheeses.

Cabot Creamery uses Pinterest to post photos of the types of foods you can make with or from its products. It also has a board for photos of Vermont and vintage photos of farms and farmers.

5. Chris March

Business type: Fashion designer and cast member of “Mad Fashion” on Bravo TV.

March uses Pinterest to post design inspiration and final looks from each episode of his show. He usually posts the boards immediately after an episode airs, which is a great way for him to engage with his fashion-obsessed fans.

6. West Elm

Business type: Home furnishing company that designs products for modern living.

West Elm uses Pinterest to curate design inspiration around specific trends, like modernist, color blocking, stripes, etc. This is a great way to visualize trends for customers, who can then click through to the West Elm site and purchase products that fit their chosen aesthetic.

7. Bergdorf Goodman

Business type: luxury retailer.

Bergdorf’s uses Pinterest to highlight different trends.

8. Whole Foods

Business type: grocer

Whole Foods’ Pinterest boards provide inspiration for all things food, such as seasonal cooking, hot kitchen decor, and food as art.

9. Williams-Sonoma

Business type: Retailer of gourmet foods and professional-quality cookware.

Williams-Sonoma’s boards focus on ways to use its various products.

10. “Real Simple” magazine

Business type: Print publication that provides creative, practical and inspiring solutions that make life easier.

Living up to its name, Real Simple’s boards focus on making readers’ lives easier. It provides easy hair ideas, a month’s worth of meals, etc.


Business type: Bridal collection from Urban Outfitters.

BHLDN uses Pinterest to curate design inspiration for every aspect of a wedding. The boards are perfect for any bride-to-be.

Have you spotted any other brands on Pinterest?

Oh, the irony.

You can never have too much grammar in your life. Grammar girl is back for a second post to give you a lesson on irony.

growing up, lightening up and logging off.

This past weekend I got the privilege of seeing my favorite band since I was in middle school perform live at Orlando House of Blues. Death Cab for Cutie has captivated and romanced my ears since I was 13, and alot of moments in my life are held by their catchy melodies and poetic lyrics.

Relevant Magazine recently wrote an article on my favorite boys. Highlighting “the indie legends on growing up, lightening up and logging off,” Ben Gibbard and his fellow bandmates laid it all on the table.

Check this article out here.

Also, if you’ve never heard of Death Cab for Cutie, here’s a little treat for you:

In Memory of a Technological Pioneer

Steve Jobs innovated technology as we know it today. No doubt that  his tech savy mind and creative spirit molded how we communicate today. People were shocked globally when his death was announced. In the midst of a tragedy, people everywhere are celebrating the life of this brilliant man.

Check out this podcast that voices this and more.

One for One Movement

With the great success of Blake Mycoskieone’s one for one movement with Tom’s Shoes, Mycoskie asked himself “What’s next?”

From this questions came Tom’s Eyewear.

Below is a video that highlights some of the background to this story and Blake’s vision for the one for one movement:

First Year Must Knows

The transition from high school into college is a crucial one. The first year of undergrad is a significant and impacting one … if you let it be! Here are a few simple tips I have so that you can thrive at in your first year here at Southeastern:

Academically: Attend classes, take good notes & manage adquete time to study.

Socially: Get involved! SEU has a wide range of clubs and organizations to get involved in. It’s also a great opportunity to grow in your giftings and meet those with similar passions.

Spiritually: Make room for daily disciplines – pray daily, do devotions…make room to spend time with God in the quiet moments. It’s a great discipline to practice now because without doing so you’ll be sure to get lost in the busyness of your lives.