After graduating from college, one of our main goals as students is to have a job. But who is going to tell future employers that we are the best fit for the job? Our parents, professors, pastors and so on cannot be there to prove to employers you are the right pick for them. First impressions are important and that is why your resume is too. Here are a few helpful hints for those who could use some needed resume advice:

  • Organization: I belive a neat and concise resume is imperative. It shows a number of things: your professionalism, willingness for perfection, your organizational skills, and just simply how much you actually care about your appearance.
  • Keep it up to date: It is important to periodically refresh your resume. Make sure all the dates are correct otherwise employers may not view you as reliable employee. When you have more experience to add to your resume, bump off things that are just fillers and not necessarily necessary for a resume such as high school information (unless it is highly impressive for the position you are applying for.)
  • Short and Sweet: Don’t try to bulk up the resume with useless information about yourself. Employers do not need to know about the dog walking job you had in 6th grade. Keep in mind that you have a short time to impress employers with your resume. Give them something worth reading in a short time.

Of course, I am not the resume expert. But here are few helpful links that I consider expert advice:

-Need more helpful advice? Resumes that Resonate has helpful hints for the perfect resume.

-Need Connections? Create a Linkedin profile!

-Need experience? Fastweb can match you with the perfect internships that will give you more experience prior to entering the field and they just look great on resumes!